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Grand opening of PEYOTE CANADA!

Posted by J on

Welcome to! Thanks for stopping in!

I'm excited to be opening the store as of today! Many people wish to purchase, collect and grow their collection of one of the most unique plants in the world, however a reputable source as well as accurate information is quite difficult to find in Canada. Well look no further!  We also have fresh seeds, quality soil, and relevant information readily available and even more in the works. Peyote has a magical and colourful history and deserves a place indoors as a showpiece and we're happy to be the best at providing it.  Please do browse around as there is some fantastic reading to take in (hopefully while you wait for your cactus and/or seeds in the mail!). So far we've sold hundreds and hundreds of seeds, have products in a reputable garden center (Incredigrow in Calgary- solid people!), and have many satisfied Amazon customers. Commercial orders are welcome. Thanks again for browsing the site, take good care of you and your cactus!