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Peyote Laws in Canada


  Live Lophophora Williamsii a.k.a. Peyote cactus and seeds are legal to purchase and possess in Canada. Peyote is traditionally used as a medicinal herb in religious ceremonies and has been for thousands of years by Native Americans throughout North and Central America. Peyote plays a very important role in religion and many belief systems among people in Canada. Though Mescaline is found in trace amounts within the cactus, the plant itself is legal in Canada. The Law in Canada clearly makes an exemption for Peyote in Shedule III of the Controlled Drugs and Substances act (, stating: 17. Mescaline (3,4,5–trimethoxybenzeneethanamine) and any salt thereof, but not peyote (lophophora). In 1953 Peyote became legal in Canada. Further review was made in 1971 as Canada, within the UN, participated in the Convention on Psychotropic Substances. Within the collective decisions made at the convention, Peyote (as well as quite a few other ceremonial plants) are made accessible without reservation within Canada because it of it’s use as a traditional medicine, history in tribal use, in religious ceremony and because it is not pure Mescaline (


  Information regarding laws outside of Canada are not our concern nor do we garuantee accuracy in understanding any country's laws except our own. The laws in canada are very clear; exempting Peyote (lophophora) from any legal action. We do not ship internationally.