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Shipping & Returns

Returns Policy

Though we haven't had any issues in the past, if your cactus has been damaged/frozen/harmed in shipping, we're happy to send out a new cactus for you. We know we have the best customers, but we require a photo of the damaged cactus before issuing any new shipment; this is non-negotiable. Seeds are sent out via Canada Post and the good news is they haven't lost any yet. Peyote seeds are havested regularily from our very own cactus to ensure freshness and great germination rates. Columnar cactus seeds are harvested once a year after they produce fruit in the late summer. We provide quality germination instructions, and if you follow them, your seeds will grow well. 


Domestic Shipping ONLY. We currently offer flat rate shipping on live cactus. The difference in shipping costs between sending out one lone cactus or eight cacti friends is almost identical. In fact when ordering a lot of plants, seeds, soil etc., you actually save money on shipping with the flat rate. As noted shipping seeds is always free (ground shipping).  
We are currently unable to ship internationally.